trashy milky nothing town




Quirky earnestness. Songwriting rooted in tradition as a means of subversion. Melodic rock music. 

Carl Creighton / Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Keys (top)
Robin Pahlman / Guitar, Vocals (middle)
Joe Reichel / Bass, Vocals (right)
Michael Seidenfeld / Drums, Vocals (left)

Band photo by Christie McMenamin 

Album art by Preston Spurlock






News & Updates


I did my taxes! We're playing a show on Sunday at Sunnyvale with The Solars! Their EP release show!

 Tickets and information here:


I gotta do my taxes! And we have an artist selected for the visual strategy, but I'm not going to reveal who it is because I want him or her to have as much freedom from pressure as possible. And also the reveal will be so fun! We did the remix! It's so fun. You're going to love it, I guarantee it. Howth is a place in Ireland. We're playing with The Solars on Easter, that'll be great. At Sunnyvale. You love it there. Terry's playing drums, Mike's on a spirit journey. I'm writing a novel. I want to copy and paste the whole thing here but I won't. Is that a fat roll on my neck? Is this news? I bet this is compelling enough to be news. The point being that WE HAVE A SHOW ON 4/16 with THE SOLARS!!!!!!


Is this news format working? Only time will tell! Stick to the news, Carl! We're doing a dance remix for one of the songs but otherwise our next album Heimlich is done! Need to come up with a visual strategy. It's on the to-do list. There's a lot of angles and I'm scared. But the album's great!

Our show at LPR where we played along with the movie happened! That was one of the best nights of my life! Thanks world! I want to make a big scam out of it. To get your email addresses if you want a link to the movie. Isn't that fun? Like I'm Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Big scam.

But I think that is fun! For everybody! Everybody will love this!!!

If you want to see the movie, you have to email, knowing that doing so is at your own risk but that I seldom email anybody anyway. I just like that even though I'm not on CBS, ththththteeeethththeeeaeeeaeaeaeaaeaeeeaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaeeeaeeeaeeeeeaaeeeeeeeeaaaaaaeaee

We're playing at Sunnyvale on 4/16/17 which is Easter! with The Solars! I'm going to get a bunny suit right now so I don't forget. The Solars are really great! You can here them hear:

We'll be playing with Terry Edelman at that show. We're gonna make another album with him too. I worry that I talk about making concept albums more than I release them and Heimlich isn't even done yet and the thing the next one is about is easy to trivialize, which is a big part of the album, so I'm going to wait to tell the people who come to our website about it. But it's a very disturbing subject that I didn't realize would be so frightening to explore. And I'm glad I did! We tried one of the songs out the other day and it sounds neat! Should this be on our band's website?

If anybody wants us to do a live screening of the movie anywhere, we'd love to do that. Email us at


We made a movie! And an album! Great stuff!


Hello world! Welcome to Howth.Club! Like the sandwich, only better!

We have a lot on our plate (get it, get it?!) the next couple months.

In a couple weeks, we're shooting an album-length music video for Trashy Milky Nothing Town starring us and a lot of our musician friends.

It's going to be epic!

Then it's off to the Seaside Lounge to finish recording Heimlich (or whatever it'll end up being called. It's about the Heimlich maneuver and its inventor Henry Heimlich). That'll be the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September. Wish us luck! Stay tuned!

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Trashy Milky Nothing Town

by Howth